The interview with Lou Carter by Maison Gabriel Paris

Lou Carter takes part in the game of answering Marcel Proust's questionnaire revisited by Maison Gabriel Paris.


1. My main character trait : empathy

2. The quality I prefer in a man : knowledge

3. The quality I prefer in a woman : emotional modesty

4. My main fault : empathy

5. My favourite occupation : allegory

6. My dream of happiness : when the intuition is right

7. My favourite colour : Empire green

8. The flower I love : mimosa

9. My favorite composer : Yves Saint Laurent

10. My favorite painter : Cy Twombly, Agnès Martin and Richard Serra

11. My real-life hero or heroine : my child

12. What I hate most : mediocrity

13. The gift of nature that I wish I had : animal instinct

14. My current state of mind : at the moment, I am spoiled with my meetings

15. The fault that inspires me the most indulgence : sentimental clumsiness

16. My motto : "I have a dream"

17. If I were a season : spring

18. If I were a time of day : dusk

19. Il I were one of the five senses : touch

20. If I were a city : Paris

21. If I were a landscape : the horizon above the clouds

22. If I were an object : a family jewel

23. If I were a piece of clothing : my man's wrinkled white shirt when he wakes up in the morning

24. If I were a book : Lolita by Nabokov - a particular copy, the one I found in New York where the pages were blank due to censorship

25. If I were a word : nevertheless

26. If I were a film : A man and a woman - Un homme et une femme - by Claude Lelouch, for its erotic and poetic suspension

27. If I were a song : Jane Birkin's Les Dessous Chics

28. If I were a historical event : "They don't have bread? Let them eat brioche !"

29. If I were a dish : orange chocolate

30. If I were a drink : champagne

31. If I were a smell : the smell of neck

32. If I were a noise : the silence

33. If I were a bad habit : forgetting

34. If I were a quality : elegance

35. Il I were an emotion : melancholy


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